So before an edit war forms on the Peach and Daisy pages, the first 2 admins on the wiki (me and Waluigifan27)(he is not an admin anymore) decided to put them as cousins. An edit war could form and that is against the policies. Also adding things like: she is best friends with Daisy/Peach or Daisy/Peach are sisters. It could also include Rosalina. This is known as vandelising, or inserting false info. It also could be known as deleting correct info. All those are agaisnt the policies. That person will get a 1 month block after one warning. After the block/ if they make a new accont while blocked(sockpuppetry) the sockpuppet will be banned infidintaly with no warning. The normal accont will then have another month added to their block time. Sockputtery is against the policies also. To clarify i will give a few examples:

Example 1: a regular user with an account, with no warnings(user1) and me. User1 deletes she is cousins with Daisy on the Peach page, and replaces with she is best friends with Daisy. I come along amd see it, rollback it and give User1 a warning. User1 vandelises the Peach page again, and gets a block. Hopefully he has learned his lesson.


Toadette "He didn't say I couldn't sing"-Cat, "Victorious" Talk to me! 07:24, April 2, 2012 (UTC)

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