I am making anews team. Here are the spots avaliable: I AM TAKING ALL SPOTS FOR NOW! PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE ON MY TALK IF YOU WANT A SPOT!

Wiki News/User News/Updates/Interveiws(when we get more users)

you will post up wiki news and user news if someone was blocked etc.


Mario News

you will update on new mario games(any console).

Poll of the week/userbox

you will create a poll(with Toadetterocks's help) about fave things.


Picture/Blog of the week

find a popular blog AND photo.

IF you have any Qs ask me in comments!

Toadette I am Team Toadette. We do not give up till we WIN! Talk to me 18:47, November 23, 2011 (UTC)

oh I will do poll of the week for now.

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