these are the user boxes I created. I will make one for you under special rules. ask toadetterocks for more info. If you are putting them in Use {{ before the code and }} after the code. use source mode if you wanna create your own see: search the userbox pages:


MKWii Toadette Toadetterocks is my name, MarioKart Wii is my game!!

code: toadetterocks

MKWiiRosalina Rosalina

code: rosalina

BowserNSMBWii Im Bowser77, Welcome to my user page

code: Bowser77

Peach, Daisy y Rosalina This user plays with the princesses!♥

code: Girly

P&d This is IBeSeddie! Welcome!:)

code: IBeSeddie

Princess-Peach-mario-kart- This user LOVES Princess Peach!♥

code: Peach

Rainbow yoshi So cool

|} code: Rainbow

Team Toadette15 This user is part of TEAM TOADETTE. We will not quit till we win!!!!

|} code: Team Toadette

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