200px-Thwomp Desert

Thwomp Desert is a Battle Course in Mario Kart Wii.

Drivers battle in the middle of a quicksand pit surrounded by cacti, which players are gradually sucked down to the center of the pit. Although out of the quicksand trap seems secure, Item Boxes appear near the center of the pit. Players can prevent being sucked by using the power sliding, as well as jumping on the buried remains of Thwomps near the trap. Sometimes, a Thwomp rams into the ground, crushing players under it, while it creates waves in the quicksand that push the racers away from the center. Hitting the center of the pit (the player can actually drive very close to the pit center and not get sucked in) will result with the player being sucked up, and Lakitu having to come and get the player. Hitting the cacti hurts the player as if touched by fire.