199px-MKwii Thunderbolt
Thunderbolts (also called Lightning or Lightning Bolts) are attack items found in the Mario Kart and Paper Mario series. These special items summon lightning from the sky, causing various effects. In Mario Kart Wii, as in Mario Kart DS, the effect of the thunderbolt lasts more briefly the lower the rank the player is in. Also, players who get hit by other items can still be affected by this item. If the players are under the effects of a Mega Mushroom, they will shrink in size to a normal sized player.

How to Cheat ItEdit

You will need a bullet bill, big mushroom, star, or you will need to die.

Bullet BillEdit

Use it and when the lightning strikes, nothing will happen

Big MushroomEdit

Use it and when the lightning strikes, it will shrink you to normal size


Use it and when the lightning strikes, nothing will happen


Fall off a cliff and if the lightining strikes while you fall or if Latiku is holding you in midair, nothing will happen

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