Ghost Valley 2 is the second course of the Shell Cup. Since there are no Feathers in the game, a ramp was placed there, although not needing a boost to get across. It is the shortest track in the game. It is a dark bridge surrounded by Boos, and it is easy to accidentally fall from the stage, due to the blocks on the sides of the bridges being easily knocked off the course on contact. It is longer than the first, however, and features more sudden dropoffs and sharp turns. It also features a zipper at the end of the course, which may save time but is difficult to use, since it is placed right after a curve at the edge of the track. Just after the zipper there is a jump line with an Item Box behind.

Staff Ghost: Nin*YOKO (01:06.595)

Fast Staff Ghost: Nin*sira〉(00:58.907)

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