The Dolphin Dasher is a bike in Mario Kart Wii for medium players only. It is unlocked by winning the Star Cup in Mirror Mode. It looks, like its name, a dolphin, with racing goggles over its eyes. The bike is somewhat fast, but it is not that good at drifting and mini-turbo, so it is advised not to use it manually. The bike has a kart counterpart - the Super Blooper.

Color Schemes

  • Mario-Blue
  • Luigi-Green
  • Peach-Pink
  • Daisy-Orange
  • Birdo-Magenta
  • Yoshi-Green
  • Bowser Jr.-Yellow
  • Diddy Kong-Red


In all kart counterpart,this bike is the only kind of heavier than its counterpart of the kart.


  1. Toadetterocks, Daisy

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