CoconutMall MKWii
Coconut Mall is the 2nd track in the Flower Cup. This course includes escalators, ramps, and water fountains. As the name suggests, it's inside of a mall that is speculated to be on Isle Delfino near Gelato Beach.

The race takes place in a mall set in a beach setting. The first parts of this course are very straight, but it starts with two escalators going in opposite directions. The Pianta nearby will point to the escalator the player would want to go through, which is in this case, upwards. After that, the player may choose to go through three paths. One of them is descending into a lower level via escalator that always go downwards while the other two stay on the current level.

After the first turn, there is a fountain and another set of escalators, much like the beginning of the race. The player then needs to go up a passageway into another room with more fountains and some boost pads.

After that, there is another room and a turn to the exit of the mall and into the parking lot. Cars with the player's Miis on them will drive back and forth in the parking lot, which the player must avoid. After a final right turn the player will cross the start/finish line starting another lap.

Shortcuts:In Coconut Mall, there is one shortcut, although it is normally recommended for Time Trials, and requires a Mushroom. After getting a Turbo Boost after the race starts, players must head up the stairs and then over the escalator. They then must head to the far right, staying near the glass windows with Miis behind them. After a very short distance, players should see an opening in the glass wall. They should swerve in there and use a Mushroom to boost over the carpet. They'll then exit the store after the Mushroom and drop back to the main course. Players can also keep to the right until they reach the right side of one of the escalators and get back onto the main course. On a side note, vehicles with high off-road stats can handle this shortcut without a mushroom boost.

There is another shortcut that will save players a few seconds. After going outside for the first time, they must race back inside. Then, instead of driving on the huge silver ramp, they must stay to the right and go through a small tunnel until coming to a sun-filled room. Then, they can jump out of the room and race back to the regular course.

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