Lightweight Bikes/ Karts

Magikruiser: play 8 time trial courses or win 5 WFC races or play 2,400 games

Cheep Charger: Beat all 50cc retro cups with 1 Star

Tiny Titan: Unlock 1 Fast Staff Ghost

Blue Falcon: Beat the Mirror Lightning Cup.

Quacker: Beat the 150cc Star Cup.

Jet Bubble: Beat the Mirror Leaf Cup

Middleweight karts/bikes

Super Blooper: Beat the 50cc Leaf Cup

Daytripper: Beat the 150cc Leaf Cup

Sprinter: Unlock 24 Fast Staff Ghosts

Zip Zip: Beat the 100cc Lightning Cup

Sneakster: Beat all 100cc Wii cups with 1 Star

Dolphin Dasher: Beat the Mirror Star Cup

Heavyweigh Karts/Bikes

Piranha Prowler: Beat the 50cc Special Cup

Jetsetter: Beat the 150cc Retro Cups with 1 Star.

Honeycoupe: Beat the 150cc Lightning cup.

Shooting Star: Beat the 100cc Star Cup

Spear: Unlock 12 Fast Staff Ghosts

Phantom: Beat the Mirror Special Cup


Mirror: Win all 150cc cups

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