Chat is a way to communicate with other users. Most of the policies are the same as the regular ones, with some additional things


  1. No emote spamming. When you emote spam chat can lag, crash, or other things. For iPod, iPhone, iPad, and phone users, there device can freeze or there browser can crash.
  2. No Major swearing, even if you block it out with ** or the emote, [ swear ] with no spaces. A uncensored swear will autimaticaly be transferred into the emote. THE ONLY SWEARS ALLOWED ARE HELL AND HECK.
  3. Post links that are NOT kid friendly sites. This means no FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr links. Sites allowed are other wikia sites, wikipedia, as long as it is kid friendly, and kid sites. Check with and admin or chat mod in PM before posting the link on the chat.
  4. spamming
  5. trolling

Toadette "He didn't say I couldn't sing"-Cat, "Victorious" Talk to me! 21:41, April 2, 2012 (UTC)

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